Slovakiaring is the next

After one week of relaxing, we’re on the way again to Slovakiaring. Unfortunately, still no engine in my car so still won’t be able to make my debut here in Slovakia. However I’m travelling together with the team to Slovakia and I will be there all weekend long to help them in everything I can. What’s more, next to my race car driver life, I’m totally addictive and a big fanatic of the motorsports so this is also the reason I’m travelling with them even if I can’t race now. I just love the atmosphere of the race tracks. The team requires me as well to help them in building our base, tent and in many other things such as doing telemetry. This is also a good chance again to keep learning and building contacts. When we get there that I can sit into the car then this atmosphere won’t be that strange which is really not a disadvantage, isn’t it? Anyway, I’m driving around a Volvo S60 at the end of the days with the VIP guests. They just asked me if I would like to take around the VIP guests on the track and I said yes immediately without any thinking, why not? It’s not a race car that’s true but with 350 horsepower you can play so it’s not that bad actually. At the end, we hope to get the engine for the Hungaroring but at the moment it doesn’t look like that unfortunately.

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