The weekend is over, packing and going home

We’ve collected a lot of experience and also improved our knowledge even if we haven’t been able to make my debut. Slovakiaring, here we come! Unfortunately, we were not able to make my debut here in France against our plans but it was a useful weekend. I’ve met a lot of new people and which is more important we’ve got know each other better with the team and racing mates. Everything is just so new for me now and must have a good relationship between us in favor of the great work we do. Luckily, we don’t have a hard thing in this case as everyone in the team is very professional and familiar so you can really feel yourself like in a big racing family here at Zengő Motorsport, everyone has just been so helpful since the beginnings.

So what about my car and debut? I’m still waiting for it.. At the moment, we don’t have any secure informations about the engine. We hope to get it until the home race and we will be able to make my debut at the Hungaroring but it’s really not up to us! See you in Slovakia!

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