The question of France

There are some good and some bad news. We’re very happy as with the help and support of Honda we can be there on the track tomorrow with Ferenc Ficza’s #55 car. Ferenc can take part on both of the free practices and on the qualifying as well. I really wish him all the bests by my heart and trying to help him as much as I can all weekend long and I also would like to ask you all guys to cheer on him because this is a huge moment and challenge in the life of a race car driver.

What about my car #99? It will rest this weekend as we don’t still have the engine. Are we sad? No! My name is there on the entry list and on the car too. I’m really close to the fire and now I’ve already been the member of the Zengő Motorsport’s family. For a Hungarian young talent this is more than a dream at the moment. The team has really tried everything but unfortunately we can’t build an engine. However, the hope is very strong in us to make my debut on the Slovakian race as it is just front of us 2 weeks from now. We have a lot to do until but I’m sure we don’t have to introduce the team to you guys.. We hope to get there to the Hungaroring with 2 cars. Until there is nothing else for me just get know each other with the team, keep learning and helping my teammate.

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